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Prayagraj is an educational hub and has been the centre of intellectual, spiritual and academic learning since the inception of free India. The students of nearby districts as Jaunpur, Pratapgarh, Varanasi, Ghazipur, Ballia etc. including students of M.P, Bihar and Uttrakhand see Prayagraj as the landing pad of their dreams. The city full fills all needs of every student as it has competitive ambience and many choices of various institutes.

Spoken English

Redefining The Study of English Technology has effaced the boundaries between nations and now on social media platform the whole world has coalesced. English acts

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Defence One of the Best Career Options

At the different junctures of life, one decides about one’s career options and visualizes oneself at different arenas, like- Doctor, Teacher, Engineer etc. The option which an aspirant explores depends on many things like acumen, exposure, knowledge about different opportunities, guidance etc.

Whenever the word ‘Armed Forces’ flashes before a student a vivid picture takes shape in the mind, of a disciplined personnel in uniform serving the nation enthusiastically for the safety and security of the people.

The motto of Indian Army ‘Service Before Self’ tells a lot about working ethos of the forces. Once, one gets into the services the tag of “Fauji” goes beyond one’s grave, it’s eternal. The pride of Army is not uniform or medals but the service which Armed forces performs for the motherland.

The highest level of facilities and amenities are provided to the serving personnel as well as his/ her dependents. ‘Two stars on shoulders are better than thousand in the sky’ is a line which summarizes the entire emotion of a soldier. One can join the Armed forces for various reasons- great satisfaction of serving one’s nation (”राष्ट्रसेवा, सवोच्‍च सेवा”), an excellent life style, friendly ambience for families, medical facilities etc.

When an aspirant dreams to join the defence forces, many questions pop up in his/her mind, like- How to start, when to start etc. The best timing of pondering over these questions is just after 10th exams. It gives an aspirant ample  opportunity to explore and choose his/her interest area and opt for the subject which will further reinforce his/her preparation.

If one decides to go for NDA/ Airforce X & Y or Navy SSR/ AA, one can start one’s preparation along with academic studies of class 11th and 12th. Hence one can work concurrently as the demands of these exams are based on class 10+2. If one is preparing for JEE and has written Mains can apply for Army TES (Technical entry scheme) and Navy 10+2 B.tech entries which provide direct SSB Interview.

Apart from written exam preparation one can plan well for physical fitness,  personality development and inculcation of OLQ’s if one plans at the right time.

Somehow if one decides to join defence forces after graduation, it can be a benefit of preparing for many entries and exams with same strategies. Exams like, CDS, CAPF, AFCAT etc. demands same calibre for both Written and SSB interview. Some smart moves while graduating can increase one’s attempts i.e.

• Rather than plain graduation one can opt for technical degree which will enable one’s to go for direct SSB like- TGC, SSC Tech, INET etc.
• One should join NCC which not only shapes the personality, but also teaches how to live a disciplined life and at the same time opens a portal of direct SSB entry.
• Doing LLB also gives a golden opportunity to join the defence forces via JAG entry.