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Welcome In Colonel Roy Academy

Col. I. K. Roy (Retd.)

Founder Of Colonel Roy Academy

Prayagraj is an educational hub and has been the centre of intellectual, spiritual and academic learning since the inception of free India. The students of nearby districts as Jaunpur, Pratapgarh, Gorakhpur, Aara etc, and students from MP and Bihar see Prayagraj as the launching pad of their dreams. The city fulfils all needs of every student as it has competitive ambience and many options available for preparation for different exams. Col. Roy Defense Academy is cozy, simple, and sophisticated institute located in the heart of Prayagraj. Col. Roy (Retd) himself belongs to a small village in Bihar, had fought odds and paved his way to the highest echelon and now his second generation is serving in the armed forces as gallantry awardee officers. Hailing from a rural area himself, he can empathise with and understand the pulse of needs of students coming from such backgrounds. Col Roy’s daughter, Archana Jha is not only teaching but also shaping many students with her long experienc

Major Santosh Kumar Roy

Our Mentor

A Military decoration is not just a shining medal awarded in a red carpet ceremony but a story of thousand scars, sleepless nights and near death experiences during operations , so does it with one of our mentor, Major Santosh Kumar Roy, a second generation in the army who had served a glorious tenure in the services including the piping of Sena Medal in 2006 for a successful operation in Gandarbal ( Jammu & Kashmir) . His unit "Signals" motto - "Teevra Chaukas" tells the story of thousands of men who were and are doing exemplary duty above personal comfort to make a constant vigil over the adversaries and coordination among own troop and various elements and abiding by the common goal of "Service Before Self". At Col Roy Defence Academy he is one of the mentor and is providing his valuable experience of the forces to groom the aspirants for future opportunities.

Our Prime Courses

Defence Entrance Course

We Give maximum number of officers into Indian Armed Forces.

Personality Development Program

We work on both sides of a person outer and inner – outer so he/she can walk smartly with confidence & inner so he/she can face anyone confidently.

Self Defence Course For Women

We provide an extra practice of self defence to women from outer world.

Strategies for Becoming A Warrior

Defence One of the Best Career Options

At the different junctures of life, one decides about one’s career options and visualizes oneself at different arenas, like- Doctor, Teacher, Engineer etc. The option which an aspirant explores depends on many things like acumen, exposure, knowledge about different opportunities, guidance etc. Whenever the word ‘Armed Forces’ flashes before a student a vivid picture takes shape in the mind, of a disciplined personnel in uniform serving the nation enthusiastically for the safety and security of the people. The motto of Indian Army ‘Service Before Self’ tells a lot about working ethos of the forces. Once, one gets into the services the tag of “Fauji” goes beyond one’s grave, it’s eternal. The pride of Army is not uniform or medals but the service which Armed forces performs for the motherland. The highest level of facilities and amenities are provided to the serving personnel as well as his/ her dependents. ‘Two stars on shoulders are better than thousand in the sky’ is a line which summarizes the entire emotion of a soldier. One can join the Armed forces for various reasons- great satisfaction of serving one’s nation (”राष्ट्रसेवा, सवोच्‍च सेवा”), an excellent life style, friendly ambience for families, medical facilities etc.

Strategies for Becoming A Warrior

Strategies for Becoming A Warrior

When an aspirant dreams to join the defence forces, many questions pop up in his/her mind, like- How to start, when to start etc. The best timing of pondering over these questions is just after 10th exams. It gives an aspirant ample opportunity to explore and choose his/her interest area and opt for the subject which will further reinforce his/her preparation. If one decides to go for NDA/ Airforce X & Y or Navy SSR/ AA, one can start one’s preparation along with academic studies of class 11th and 12th. Hence one can work concurrently as the demands of these exams are based on class 10+2. If one is preparing for JEE and has written Mains can apply for Army TES (Technical entry scheme) and Navy 10+2 B.tech entries which provide direct SSB Interview. Apart from written exam preparation one can plan well for physical fitness, personality development and inculcation of OLQ’s if one plans at the right time. Somehow if one decides to join defence forces after graduation, it can be a benefit of preparing for many entries and exams with same strategies. Exams like, CDS, CAPF, AFCAT, etc. demands same calibre for both Written and SSB interview. Some smart moves while graduating can increase one’s attempts i.e.

Strategies for Becoming A Warrior

Redefining Hero

The induction of women in Indian Army began back in 1888 when the "Indian military nursing service" came into being during British rule. Their role soon expanded becoming very extensive with the onset of World War 1 and 2 in which about 350 British Indian Army nurses either died or were taken as prisoners of war or missing in action. The services of Noor Inayat Khan and Kalyani Sen is very exemplary and are much lauded in this context. Further the formation of “Rani Jhansi regiment by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose” is also seen as an empowering example. On 1 November 1958, the Army Medical Corps turned out to be the first unit of the Indian Army to grant regular commission to women. Until now women were inducted only for Short Service Commission, thus making it a big step ahead. As of 2020, women are not yet allowed as combatant in the Parachute Regiment of Indian Army or other special forces. They are also not admitted to service in combat units such as Infantry, Mechanised infantry, Armoured corps, and Artillery. However, they can join paratroopers wings of their respective arms like para EME, para signals, para ASC, etc.

Strategies for Becoming A Warrior

Physical Fitness Require For Defence

The human body is the best picture of the human soul or we can say that a rational brain needs a healthy body to dwell in, hence body and mind can’t be separated from each other. Science has proven that mind always dominates the body and body always reflects itself through the mind. A soldier who has to adapt himself in different climatic conditions i.e from sandy to hilly or from sea beach to Himalayan peak can not afford ill body. Physical fitness has been kept a basic criterion for every entry either it’s NCO,JCO, or Commissioned Officers. Now one can not wait to clear written exam to plan for maintaining physical fitness, it should be started from a very young age and in a constant manner. Not body building exercises but certain sporty exercises like –running, push ups, squats, skipping, swimming, cycling etc. must be done on daily basis. It will not only shape the body, maintain health but the same time will also sharpen the mind too. We at Col. Roy Defence Academy urge a child to start physical workout as soon as he/she lands at our centre. We push him/ her to maintain a standard Physical fitness not only for becoming a scintillating soldier but also to live a healthy civilian life as we believe that every human being is a warrior in his/ her own way. We provide special classroom lessons under the guidance of retired officers of different armed wings and at the same time we take our student to ground to check their stamina according to the demands of their choosen areas. The coach keeps an eyes on their fitness, stamina diet, health issues etc to circumscribe a balance.


Most Entries to the armed force have two stage Apart from written Exam, SSB is very crucial. Do Introspection, dig your subconscious brain and try to inculcate these OLQs. To clear both the stage, one

Effective Intelligence

How do you access and handle obstacles ?

Reasoning Ability

How do you apply rational thinking ?

Power Of Expression

How do you express your self in clearway ?

Self Confidence

How well you trust yourself and your decisions ?


How much dedicated are you for your goals ?

Organinsing Ability

How well can you plan and execute task ?


How do you overcome fear ?


How well can you adjust yourself in group ?

Sense of Responsibility

How much responsible are you and willingly discharge your duty?


How much mental and physical edurance yourself in group ?


Course Strategies of Col. Roy Academy


Foundation causes are for 8-10 months, which starts from basic and by the end of the course, a student because competent enough to clear the exam. While, regular batches are for 6 months. Individual batches for spoken English/ Personality development are for 3 months.

We at Col. Roy academy have classified the focus areas into two categories, (a) General, where we keep students at the level of exam and consider students as one entity, (b) Individual- this area of focus is to deal with individual problems/ struggles which a student faces and to provide solutions. Hence both the areas of focus are taken care of, as General area deals with the requirement of the exam and individual deal with the requirement of a particular student.

As we all know that both of these exams have almost same syllabus for GS, in addition the CAPF exam has subjective english. So by going for a regular batch of CDS, a candidate can easily clear CAPF/ AFCAT as the whole syllabus is completely covered and special classes for one month are added, for free for the students aspiring for CAPF.

As regular classes have, newspaper reading, GD, book reading, speeches etc, a student need not to go for separate PD classes. However some students who wants to go for advance english can join our PD classes.

We have special discounts for such students, as (i) After clearing written 50% for SSB preparation classes, (ii) 50% off if a candidate repeats a batch. (iii) Personal grooming classes.

Col. Roy Defence Academy is the best institute for the preparation of Airforce X/Y group exam as:- Faculties work on shaping young children and try to understand their behaviour pattern. Along with subjective knowledge for written exam ( Physics, Maths and English) different aspects of personality development are also nurtured for Group Discussion and SRT. Extra efforts are taken to enhance the speaking skills of the students who belong to rural and suburban areas.

It’s the youth wing of the armed forces, HQ- Delhi, with the aim- Unity & Discipline, it shapes up the cadets in a good manner to join the armed forces. It’s beneficial as, after graduation, there is NCC Special entry that provides direct entry for SSB, other exams also give weightage to NCC B and C certificalte holders.

Females can join the armed forces after graduation, through UPSC CDS, AFCAT and INET exam, they can also opt for NCC special entry. CAPF also offers great oportunities to them.

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