Combined Defence Services

The Combined Defence Services Exam offers both male and female graduate candidates to join Armed Forces for both Short Service Commission and Permanent Commmission.

The CDSE is conducted twice a year by ‘UPSC’ in three phases-

(1) Written (2) SSB Interview and (3) Medicals.

The written exam focuses on testing a candidate’s knowledge of English, Maths and GK. Keeping this in mind we provide our students with GS classes relevant to contemporary time so that they are well equipped with the current affairs which in turn will benefit them in SSB as well.

For English we emphasize on grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing and speaking skills of the students. Written and Spoken English play a crucial role in SSB further on. For Maths, students are encouraged under the able guidance of our teachers to practice vigorously.

Our teachers are proficient and well aware about the latest pattern of the exam and thus guide the students in the appropriate manner.

A student appearing for Combined Defense Services Examination (CDSE) can target four sectors with this paper: IMA, OTA, AFA and INA.

With the exception of OTA all the other three require Maths as a subject, while OTA focuses only on English and GS.

Ques:- How can I prepare for CDS, AFCAT and CAPF exams parallelly in Col. Roy Defence Academy?
Ans:- As we all know that all of these exams have almost same syllabus for GS, in addition the CAPF exam has subjective english. So by going for a regular batch of CDS, a candidate can easily clear CAPF/ AFCAT as the whole syllabus is completely covered and special classes for one month are added for free for the students aspiring for CAPF.