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What a fauji means?

In most of Indian dialect military personnel are often called by
the Epithet Fauji . It is not just an identity rather a way of life. So exactly what a fauji means ?

Peace is the ultimate aim, but to ensure this sometimes one needs to perform the role of a warrior as Shrimad Bhagwatgita indicates , those warriors , who unflinchingly face odds , even their death with a shine in eyes and chest full of Pride. Those warriors are ‘Fauji‘. One doesn’t necessarily needs to be in uniform, as said above , facing odds taking care of the needy makes one a ‘Fauji‘ . This term has a combination of some core qualities like courage , dedication, never give up attitude , good physical & mental fitness and devotion for the motherland.
They are the people who keep their lives at stake ensuring ours to be safe . And a “Fauji , lives by chance , loves by choice and kills by profession” – Captain Vikram Batra (PVC)

Whenever one hear the word ‘Fauji‘ it reflects so many things-
selflessness, magnanimity, devotion, discipline, trust etc. Fauji is not a man in uniform with shining medals or stars but a man who has a shining soul and ready to sacrificed his life for the protection of others. People think that camouflage is the uniform of a fauji but rather it is discipline. It comes with his core that lies in his attitude, displayed in his conduct and wear it till his death.

There are so many professions which one can opt for but when a candidate decides to join defence forces he should understand that it is not a profession but a service for the motherland. For a fauji three D’s become an epitome of his life –
Devotion for his country
Dedication for duty
Discipline in life .

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