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Last minute Strategy for CDS laddering- by a recommended candidate

For utilising the last two weeks efficiently and getting a breakthrough it is expected that aspirants have finished their basic reading of various sources with practice of previous year MCQs. It is to be noted that atleast 10-11 hours per day should be given in these two weeks as the cutoff is rising with every CDS attempt. In CDS Science plays a very crucial role in scoring high so the top most priority should be to finish science section thoroughly. The initial 2 days should be given to science with keeping Biology and Physics in priority. Next 3 days should be spent on Polity section the source of which can be M lakshmikant, sections like parliament,president ,governor, act, judgements, constitutional and non constitutional bodies, amendment etc are very important.
Next 2 days should be spent on Geography NCERT 11th and 12th where 11th class NCERT is priority with topic of Environment and Ecology like national parks, ramsar site, glaciers, greenhouse gases, important conventions, biosphere reserve etc and mapping of important regions lying at equator, tropic of Cancer, tropic of Capricorn and some important places which were in news recently.
Next section is History and Modern History should be picked and it must be finished in a day 4-6 hours then Ancient and Medieval History can be covered in 8 hours with Lucent GK and Themes in Indian history part 1,2 and 3. The Economic section can be covered in a day with basic information provided in Lucent GK, previous MCQs, macroeconomics NCERT
The current affairs section can be covered at the end of the day everyday for April 10 CDS current affairs of month November December January February and March till 15th are most important
The last 3 days should be utilised to revise fact based topic of modern history Congress sessions, reforms, viceroys, organisations, journals and newspapers etc. For Geography- national parks, drainage system, winds, ocean currents, glaciers, lakes etc In polity- amendment, case and articles. Important concept of science and biology portion should also be revised.
In these days 1-2 hours should also be given to revise MCQ questions which were earlier practiced

The English Section is very crucial as it gives assurity regarding cutoff so this section is not to be handled lightly. The last two weeks should be divided into two parts where one has to devote atleast 4 hrs everyday. The first one week should be devoted to reading section where 4-5 passages, 4-5 close tests, 30 questions of mix of PQRS and S1-S6 and fillers should be solved and vocab section(phrases, antonyms, synonyms etc) should be also given priority side by side. In next week initial 5 days should be utilized in learning and memorising grammar rules and vocab and again solving questions of sentence correction, part of speech, narration and voices. The last 2 days should again be utilised for last revision of rules and vocab and avoid attempting new questions.



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