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How to Prepare for CAPF AC Paper-2

What appears to be easiest during planning is all ways turned to be hardest during execution.
The above quote suites very well with the CAPF (AC) Paper (2) as it is paper without negative marking but very well disguised as a tiger in hurdling shrubs in shades ready to hunt down anyone who turn blind eye towards it. The common notion about the paper is that it is of English writing essay writing or test of grammar but when study thoroughly and focus just on name of the paper which is “ General Studies and English Comprehension” we find out that it is not just limited to what mentioned above but way more than that and to make it more critical Essays of Internal security and Defense is also asked to check the mettle of a future Asst. Comdt in CAPF.
The paper 2 is comprised of 6 essays, 2 report writing, 2 for and Against, 1 passage. 1 precise writing and atleast 15 Question of 25 marks of English Grammar. The total time given is 3hrs and the total marks is 200 for it. When one studies the paper ,one focuses more on essay section where most of the time average marking is done, as it looks bit easy to approach the paper and score good kind of notion which makes one to put some extra efforts in beautifying the essay and it creates disturbance in time management in completion of the paper. The essay section can be attempted in Hindi or English but the other section should be attempted only in English. The essays are very diverse in nature ranging from social issues related to women, children. Health, Infra. Environment to Defence and security. One has to attempt only 4 out of it and the words limit is 300 words. One can opt for basic read of essay books published by TMH or Arihant then proceed for editorials published by the Hindu and the Indian express (the Indian Express Explained). Basic read of the topic is necessary before writing about any topic. Time is the key for P2 as one can finish each essay in just 230-250 words to battle time effectively as there is no bravado in losing question in a paper of not having negative marking. The second important section is Argument For and against in which no alternative is available. There will be two questions of 20 marks each. The strategy for this section is bit different as it is very critical to get concrete reason to clarify each point in the question. A short Introduction and conclusion can be added as per choice then one should write atleast 5-6 elaborated points in both for and against of the context. The best way to prepare for this section is to pick any random topic and find out it’s for and against implications then write it down, study it from open source , discuss it with teachers and colleagues and make it organized. Next section is report writing . There will be two questions of 10 marks each. The topics are generally of any latest event so some specific details regarding any law, amendment, Date and time of event (if recalled), place, chronological order, stats etc will definitely boost marks here. The order of writing is same as essay but the answers should be more focused on giving moderate views based on news rather than own one and paragraphing should be done carefully here. The answer can be written in 150-180 words and time management should always in priority here. For grammar portion which contain 25 marks One can go through part (B) of Wren Martin’s High school grammar even for precise and comprehension one can do the exercises of the same book and later on of newspaper editorials. Transformation, Synthesis, Active Passive Voice, Narration, Phrasal verbs etc should also be taken care of to get sure shot marks in this section .

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