Welcome In Colonel Roy Academy

Col. I. K. Roy (Retd.)

Founder Of Colonel Roy Academy

Prayagraj is an educational hub and has been the centre of intellectual, spiritual and academic learning since the inception of free India. The students of nearby districts as Jaunpur, Pratapgarh, Gorakhpur, Aara etc, and students from MP and Bihar see Prayagraj as the launching pad of their dreams. The city fulfils all needs of every student as it has competitive ambience and many options available for preparation for different exams. Col. Roy Defense Academy is cozy, simple, and sophisticated institute located in the heart of Prayagraj. Col. Roy (Retd) himself belongs to a small village in Bihar, had fought odds and paved his way to the highest echelon and now his second generation is serving in the armed forces as gallantry awardee officers. Hailing from a rural area himself, he can empathise with and understand the pulse of needs of students coming from such backgrounds. Col Roy’s daughter, Archana Jha is not only teaching but also shaping many students with her long experienc

Major Santosh Kumar Roy

Our Mentor

A Military decoration is not just a shining medal awarded in a red carpet ceremony but a story of thousand scars, sleepless nights and near death experiences during operations , so does it with one of our mentor, Major Santosh Kumar Roy, a second generation in the army who had served a glorious tenure in the services including the piping of Sena Medal in 2006 for a successful operation in Gandarbal ( Jammu & Kashmir) . His unit "Signals" motto - "Teevra Chaukas" tells the story of thousands of men who were and are doing exemplary duty above personal comfort to make a constant vigil over the adversaries and coordination among own troop and various elements and abiding by the common goal of "Service Before Self". At Col Roy Defence Academy he is one of the mentor and is providing his valuable experience of the forces to groom the aspirants for future opportunities.

Message's From Director Desk

Dear Warrior,
"Some Goal are so worthy, it's glorious to fail" quoted by Captain Manoj Pandey is not to be felt vicariously, It should be lived as the journey of defence aspirants goes through two strata medal and pysical and amalgam of these two makes an aspirant a soldier either in armed forces or in life and both are worthwhile.

I feel blessed for being an army ward as it has given me an apportunity to inhale the aura of army personnel. The Second generation of my family is serving in the armed force, I get to witness the changes in the pattern of selection through years. Now I utilize all the experiences and expertise in formulating strategies for our candidates.

We labour to train our student in specialized ways keeping in mind the specific requirements for written exam and SSB both. I am blessed with like minded staff members who whole heartedly work towards guiding the students at the right path. Together we work towards a better future for education.

Mrs. Archana Jha Ma'am