Airforce x & Y Group

The power to punish the enemy from air lies not just on aircraft but also on the airmen who work tirelessly to maintain the entire fleet and wings of Indian Airforce. Airforce X and Y group exams offer candidates to be the part of service where the trades ranges from Radar operators to Garud SF . This exam shows the diversity of the airforce, where candidates are tested in Written, Physicals, GD and Medical criteria so that they can handle the physical and mental pressure effectively and make the Airforce touch the sky with glory. The focus areas of development while studying in the Col. Roy Defence Academy:- General where we keep students at the level of exam and consider students as one entity. Individual – this area of focus is to deal with individual problems/struggle which a student faces and to provide specified solutions. Hence both the areas of focus are taken care of. General area deals with the requirement of the exam and individual deals with the requirement of a particular student Col. Roy Defence Academy is the best Coaching Institute for Airforce X & Y Group preparation. Faculties work on shaping young children and try to understand their behaviour pattern. Along with subjective knowledge for written exam ( Physics, Maths and English) different aspects of personality development are also nurtured for Group Discussion and SRT. Extra efforts are taken to enhance the speaking skills of the students who belong to rural and suburb areas.

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