Redefining The Study of English

Technology has effaced the boundaries between nations and now on social media platform the whole world has coalesced. English acts as a tool with which one can enhances one’s opportunities in the global market and hones one’s skill as per demand. English is the 3rd most popular language in the world and it has become the language of Science, Technology, Computer, Tourism etc. Today, students are pursuing different online courses from different top notch universities of the world, some students are doing internship under the mentorship of distinguished teachers of the world. Most of the exams test English proficiency in various forms like objective, descriptive and speaking skill based on, reading skill, word power, application of grammar etc. In the defence sector the knowledge of English is very important for every juncture i.e. entrance exams both written & SSB, as well as serving tenure. The functioning language of defence is English as the Faujis get transfer from one corner of the country to another and at the same time they also participate in some joint military exercises with other countries too. One language makes a bridge between inter or intra nationals. Kafila is our book reading club. Which welcomes not only our students but also students of other institutes as well. Here, a student reads numerous authors, novels, essays etc, in a group. Afterwards he/she can pour his/her opinions, perceptions etc. to develop a habit of expressing his/her mind and listening other’s heart too. Some more clubs like group discussion club, the debate club etc are formed to provide a podium to candidate where he/she can polish oratory skill and inculcate communicative skills.

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