Personality Development

The word ‘Personality’ covers many facets of a person like, aura, body language, body posture, hand movements, oratory skill, choice of words etc. In a nutshell, we can say that the amalgam of outer and inner qualities make a personality. A common myth is that one can polish oneself outwardly but the inner qualities of a person dominate the entire body Both inner qualities like – kindness discernment, honesty wisdom etc. And inner emotions like – fear anxiety apprehension, affection etc. reflect or effuse through eyes, hand movements, legs shaking, facial expressions etc. And a keen eye can elicit the bottled in storage of qualities and emotions. Therefore personality polishing has two strata First, the outer, which can be said as:- How to carry yourself – this includes the cleanliness of nails teeth nostrils, eyes etc.Trimmed and neat hair style. Dressing sense, attires should not be incongruous. Neat and clean branded or non branded clothes. Shining shoes And the second one, the inner Purity is the best policy for inner personality when one has nothing to hide one’s body also understands this and doesn’t try to create a mirage but at the other hand when one wants to give false notions about oneself the body also starts fabrications and this can be dangerous as the interviewer or anyone else with a knowledge of depth can point it out.

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