Physical Fitness

The human body is the best picture of the human soul or we can say that a rational brain needs a healthy body to dwell in, hence body and mind can’t be separated from each other.

Science has proven that mind always dominates the body and body always reflects itself through the mind. A soldier who has to adapt himself in different climatic conditions i.e from sandy to hilly or from sea beach to Himalayan peak can not afford ill body.

Physical fitness has been kept a basic criterion for every entry either it’s NCO,JCO, or Commissioned Officers. Now one can not wait to clear written exam to plan for maintaining physical fitness, it should be started from a very young age and in a constant manner. Not body building exercises but certain sporty exercises like –running, push ups, squats, skipping, swimming, cycling etc. must be done on daily basis. It will not only shape the body, maintain health but the same time will also sharpen the mind too.

We at Col. Roy Defence Academy urge a child to start physical workout as soon as he/she lands at our centre. We push him/ her to maintain a standard Physical fitness not only for becoming a scintillating soldier but also to live a healthy civilian life as we believe that every human being is a warrior in his/ her own way.
We provide special classroom lessons under the guidance of retired officers of different armed wings and at the same time we take our student to ground to check their stamina according to the demands of their choosen areas. The coach keeps an eyes on their fitness, stamina diet, health issues etc to circumscribe a balance.